Sample Collection Instructions
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Blood (Card)
Blood (Tube)
Dry Blood Spot
1Open the box and check the contents
3How to get a good sample in one try?
1.Rotateyour hand around the shoulder 3-5 times (for blood flow)
2.Rubyour hands several times (5-10 times)
3.Massagethe hand from shoulder to fingers (3-5 times)
4.Firmly pressthe lancet (this is critical to get larger drops!)
5.After finger prick, continuouslymassagethe finger to form large drops
4Wash your hands thoroughly
6Clearly write your name and date of collection
Fill out the Requisition Form clearly and sign it.
9Wipe the area of finger prick with alcohol pads
Right handed? Then use left hand (or vice versa)
10Twist open the lancet (turn, do not pull)
11Press FIRMLY against the finger
The lancet does NOT poke like a needle!
(It makes a gentle trim on the skin)
(It clicks similar to a pen)
(It’s instantaneous, with minimal pen)
(Without pushingfirmly,it will be hard to get enough blood and might need a second try)
Useringfinger (or middle if necessary)
Tryawayfrom tips (to avoid sore fingers)
12Wipe clean the first drop
13Massage the finger to form large drops
14Massage the finger form large drops avoid touching the card repeat
15Avoid touching the card
16Avoid double spots
17Fully filled circles on front and soaked to the back – great job!
18Clean with cotton guaze
19Cover with band-aid
20Dry the card for at least 30 minutes, and close the flap
22Store in cool, dry place until you are ready to ship
1.Doublecheck the filled out Requisition Form and blood card
(missing information may delay your results)
2.Shipit with the pre-paid envelope
3.You are done! Great job!