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Food Sensitivity+: Comprehensive

Categories:Allergy & Sensitivity
Sample Type:Finger prick (dry blood spot)
Markers:IgG sensitivity to 208 foods
Available across Canada and US - except in NY, NJ, MD, RI
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Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test

With 208 foods, this is the most comprehensive food intolerance test that checks for almost everything in American diet (including milk, dairy, gluten, meats, peanut, nuts, fruits, vegetables, beverages, herbs, spices and many more).

Sensitivity to some foods might cause discomfort, but testing allows checking and eliminating such foods easily. Using a finger prick sample, our ELISA IgG test runs every sample twice to guarantee the best results.

Your report will include a unique diet rotation plan based on your results. It will recommend foods you can eat in next few days to confirm your sensitivities.

Want to try for fewer foods (96 items)? You can try a Basic Food Sensitivity Test.

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