RxHomeTest: Terms of Service

Last modified: 20 Feb 2023

Please read carefully

By using our services, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Lawful use

You agree to use our services as permitted under the law. If we find any miss in compliance or misuse in any form, we reserve the right to refuse or suspend our services to you. We own all the Intellectual Property on our site and its content. You may not use, in original or in modification, any content from our site including design, logo, branding, etc. unless you obtain permission in written. Do not use any of the items & services listed on our website such that it may cause any harm in any form to you or anyone else. We will not be held accountable for use of our services in any form other that what they are intended for. You may not modify, copy, distribute, or sell our services.

Account use

You are responsible for any activity carried out on our website using your account. Please do not share your information with others. You are solely responsible for keeping all your information safe. We reserve the right to modify or completely stop providing our services anytime.


We provide the service with reasonable level of security, care, and ability. However, we provide the service ‘as is’ and do not commit to the reliability, availability, or any other ability to meet your needs. We or any of our providers do not make commitment of any specific promise about the service. Your use of our services indicates your request, authorization and/or consent for laboratory testing. By using our tests, you understand that test results are strictly informational. The review of your test requests and results does not represent diagnosis or treatment. You are responsible for contacting your personal health care provider for follow-up and interpretation of the test results. Our services do not replace your medical provider’s services or expert opinion. In case of doubt, conflict, or any other concerns, please contact a medical expert to get an opinion before using our services. Misuse or misinterpretation of our services shall not hold us liable for any loss or damage in any form. We strive to provide accurate and meaningful information, however, whenever in doubt, we strongly recommend getting an opinion from your health provider before making use of our service or results.

Third party

The data provided to you are from third party services and we will not be held responsible for the accuracy and misrepresentation in the services from these third party service providers, in case they are found to have any issues.

Lost shipping and refund

If any sample or kit is lost in the mail, we will provide a new kit, however, we will not be held responsible for missing samples, the delay in receiving results, or any consequences thereof. Once the test is ordered and a kit is shipped to you, we reserve the right not to refund any money back.

Time limit

You have up to 60 days to use the test kit from the date of order. We will try to accommodate older test orders but samples received after 60 days are not guaranteed for testing and may not be eligible for any refund.

Privacy and copyright protection

In our Privacy Policy document you can find more information about how we treat your data. We use the technology currently available in the market to protect and save your information. We keep all your personal information secure, private, and safe. But no technology is perfect and we will not be held responsible for any loss of personal data due to failure of technology, or breach.

California Privacy Rights and Eraser law

California law requires some businesses to respond to requests from California residents asking about the disclosure of Personal Information to third parties for marketing purposes. As allowed by the law, we have adopted a policy of not disclosing Personal Information to third parties for marketing purposes if a California resident opts-out. If California residents do not want us to disclose information to other companies for their marketing purposes, they can fill out the Contact Us form below and provide us their full names and email addresses to verify and opt them out.

Age limit

We only serve who are at or over the age of 18, unless a consent is provided by a parent or guardian or caregiver as per law. Because your feedback on the site is public, you should not post any personal health information that might affect you or those below age of 18 in any possible way. To request removal of any such information, please fill the contact form at the bottom. We will follow on your request, however, we cannot guarantee complete removal of such information.

Business location

We are mostly able to serve those residing in North America. The site is operated by Kay Stone LLC in the state of Oregon, and all the personal information is primarily stored in United States. When you provide any personal information, you acknowledge that we collect, maintain, process and transfer such information in and to the United States and other countries and territories, pursuant to the laws of the United States or such other jurisdictions, which may provide lesser privacy protections than European Economic Area countries, and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you acknowledge that any of your information may therefore be subject to United States federal and California state law and other foreign laws and accessible to U.S. and foreign governments, courts, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Because we are located in U.S., these data transfers to the U.S. are necessary to provide the services to you as specified in our terms of service and to run our business.