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Organic Acids Test

Categories:Toxins & Pollutants
Sample Type:Urine (dry strip)
Markers:Urine metabolites of 36 environmental pollutants
Available across Canada and US - except in NY, NJ, MD, RI
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Organic Acids Tests At Home

Once food is consumed, byproducts in urine can indicate nutrition deficiency or any excess supplements. This at-home organic acids urine test creates a comprehensive map of your metabolism can help you monitor your health.

These byproducts tested by our organic acids test at home may affect sleep, appetite, stress levels, dehydration and the healthy levels may change with medication and dietary supplements.

Try our Organic Acids Test at home. It’s easy, fast, reliable, and requires just a few steps:

  1. Order Online.

  2. Receive Your Organic Acids Test Kit and Collect Sample at Home.

  3. Ship It Back For FREE To Our World-Class CLIA Labs (US only).

  4. Receive Secure, Confidential, & Easy-To-Understand Report Within Days For Your Comprehensive Organic Acids Test.


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