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H. Pylori Test
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Sample Type:Stool
Markers:H. pylori bacteria
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Half of the people harbor the bacteria H. pylori. But in about 10-20% cases, they may cause ulcers of stomach, and in rare cases gastric cancer. With an easy-to-collect stool sample, this H. pylori test checks for multiple strains of this bacteria.

Typical symptoms include bloating, burping, nausea, unusual stomach pain that's worse when empty or few hours after eating, and in rare cases vomiting and blood in stool. You may also want to consider an H. pylori antibody test, that checks for antibodies due to past infections or for high-risk family members.

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H. Pylori Antibody Test
H. Pylori Antibody Test
Food Sensitivity+: Comprehensive
Food Sensitivity+: Comprehensive
Gut Health Test
Gut Health Test