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Food Sensitivity - Basic

Categories:Allergy & Sensitivity
Sample Type:Finger prick (dry blood spot)
Markers:IgG sensitivity to 96 foods
Available across US except in (NY, NJ, MD, RI), Canada
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With 96 foods, this at-home food sensitivity test is ideal for checking IgG antibody response to some of the most common ingredients in our daily diets.

Using a few drops of blood with a finger prick sample, it can help identify well known allergens including dairy, eggs, meat, shellfish, nuts, wheat, herbs, spices, and candida yeast. Many of these foods can cause discomfort and other mild symptoms including stomach pain, bloating, rashes, and indigestion. It allows elimination of foods you are not comfortable eating.

Our ELISA IgG test runs every sample twice to guarantee the best results. A unique diet rotation plan based on your results will recommend foods you can eat in next few days to confirm your sensitivities.

For 208 foods, try our one-of-a-kind  Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test.

Easy, Fast, Reliable and requires just a few steps:

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  • Receive The Kit And Collect Sample At Home.
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  • Receive Secure, Confidential, & Easy-To-Understand Report Within Days For Your Comprehensive Food Sensitivity - Basic.

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