Sample Collection Instructions
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Blood (Card)
Blood (Tube)

SST Blood Collection
Sample Collection Instructions

Requisition Form
Fill out Patient section
Please fill up to 600 microliters line
(requires about 15-20 drops)
Lay Out Collection Materials
Alcohol Swab/ Gauze/ Bandage
Tear open packages, leaving swab, gauze, and bandage inside until use.
Two lancets
Prepare Collection Card & Supplies
Antibody test uses a tube (instead of blood spot card)
Wash hands for 30-60 seconds under warm water. Warming your hands before collection can increase blood flow to your fingers and make specimen collection easier.
Twist off the blue tab to break seal on lancet
Do NOT touch or depress white tip
Use the provided alchohol pad to clean the tip of the finger
(3rd finger or 4th finger)
Place the tip of the lancet against the side of the fingertip
The side facing the 5th finger
Press down firmly until an audible click is heard
Gently press the pricked finger from below the puncture site to allow for a large drop of blood to form.
Wipe away the first drop of blood with the gauze
Once specimen collection is completed, apply the provided bandage to the puncture site.
Diagrams of the SST blood collection
Turn the Tube up and down slowly 3-4 times; for proper mixing & return to start seperating.
A checklist for items that need to be returned
1. The Sealed zip-lock biohazard bag containg
The SST tube
2. The Requisition form, with Patient section filled out
Form is signed and all info double-checked
Use the shipping supplies provided in the test kit to return your sample. You can keep the box. It is not necessary to ship the sample inside the box. International clients must include commercial invoice.